This is amongst the work I did while spending a month in residency at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts from June-July 2021. Around the 4th of July holiday (especially with the profusion of fireworks in my home state of Indiana) I usually produce a sound-based work, using field recordings as the base material. Over the past several years this project has become a routine for me, and along with this sound work I’ve also begun introducing video accompaniment. I produced this work in the residency as a study, and it responds to the distinctive architecture of MASS MoCA; in the original sound material the fireworks mingle with the acoustics of the buildings, and in the video a view of a wall can be seen from my studio window.

The title refers to one of the large buildings on the museum campus, the back wall of which was just outside my studio window and which can be seen in the video image. Inside that building there is usually a sound installation by Stephen Vitiello, but unfortunately during my time there it was silent.